About Hearing Solutions

Hearing Instrument Specialists with 30+ Years of Experience

Meet Marty Kingsbury.

Marty has been a licensed hearing aid specialist for over 30 years, and is experienced in many types of hearing aid fittings and ever-evolving technology advancements. He has seen many changes in the industry and has kept current as the technology

A patient visiting Hearing Solutions can expect first a thorough hearing evaluation and examination of the ear. Then after determining if amplification will help, we follow with a discussion of what style and technology would be best or the individual. During this we examine different price ranges with different technology from basic hearing aid circuits to the more advanced circuits.

The patient will be explained in detail what different technology choices will benefit the individual. This is a very personal decision for any patient and continuing service is important for the years to come after a decision is made. Hearing Solutions remains available for needed service and upgrades at no charge for the basic services.

At Hearing Solutions, we believe in personal hometown service, at the best price. Also we fit the most advanced brands at a discount due to low overhead.

Out calls are available and we are approved through most insurance companies that cover hearing devices.

Call 812-453-3327 to schedule your consultation today and let Hearing Solutions show you the best hearing system options to meet your needs.